An e-commerce website is a must-have element of a successful online business. It allows entrepreneurs to present their products in front of the customers. Thus, if you want to succeed, you need to make it look professional. With this, more customers will purchase from you because they will view your products as of high-quality. Singapore has excellent e-commerce platforms that can help you achieve this. They come with great marketing features to help you find customers with ease. In this era, without the marketing tools, your business can encounter challenges. Also, you can use a lot of marketing costs. To avoid this, here are five reliable e-commerce platforms:

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The e-commerce business will be successful by adding the security features on your website. Shopify Singapore is a leading platform where you can list your Shopify products to Lazada, therefore they will provide you with security. How so? It will send you essential data informing you to update your site. Also, it has the PCI (Payment Card Industry). This feature will allow the customers’ to use the cards and other safe modes of payment. Shopify will greatly enhance the customers’ experience by providing you with the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect their sensitive data. The good thing about Shopify is the marketing tools. They will allow you to get closer to your customers and convey a crucial message about your products.

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Do you want to create a perfect website without much effort? If yes, you need to consider the BigCommerce. This platform comes with ready-made templates to allow you to create a site quickly. Also, it has reliable customer support that will provide you with positive feedback when you encounter challenges. The customization feature it contains will allow you to include some unique features that will differentiate you from your competitors. BigCommerce becomes an excellent platform because of its scalability feature. It will let you add unlimited products and also handle any amount of sales.


Volusion is a great e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs who have no design skills. It has a nice structured dashboard to allow you to create your site without encountering problems. You can easily add new products. The good thing about Volusion is that it will not restrict you from selling unlimited products. It has unlimited file storage to allow your business to grow. Also, this platform will enable you to go mobile. It comes with responsive templates to help you achieve this.

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Do you have budgetary constraints and want to create a professional website? If yes, you can give Wix a try. It is a free platform which will work well for you. Being free doesn’t mean that it does not come with great features. It will enhance the growth of your business. The good thing about Wix is the integrated payment gateways which will allow customers to use a method of their choice during payment. Also, it comes with the SEO feature to enableyou to reach the search engine users.


Magento is the best platform for entrepreneurs with the design skills. It is an open source platform which will offer you with total control of your site. You can easily add features that will improve your business functionality. Magento is the most scalable e-commerce platform. It will enhance the growth of your business. Also, you will build trust with your customers because your site will never crush. With this, the customers will be sure to find you online. The good thing about using Magento is the multiple store managementfeatures. It will allow you to run more than one store without errors. However, this platform cannot work well for small businesses. It charges a higher amount which some retailers cannot afford. Thus, if you have budgetary constraints, you can consider the Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and Volusion.

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